Enter to #Win NickaJack Farms family of 4 pass. Giveaway and Review


Its been three years since our last time visiting NickaJack Farms and they have added some new features since then.


This time we were invited out to check out what’s changed via their first Blogger’s Preview day. On the day we went the farm was not opened to the public and there was a horse show I believe going on. You can board your horses at NickaJack Farms. You can also buy pumpkins and gourds. We did!


We didn’t get to do everything but I did get video clips of some of what we did do. I decided to make my video be the “star” of this review so there aren’t many pictures on here. So please check out my less than five minute video below!


I think my favorite activity was the new Peddle Carts… it was a hit with my family. I took my Flipcam with me on my cart and filmed my family in front of me driving theirs. You have to check out the video.



NickaJack is giving away one Family 4 Pass ($28 value) to one of you!

You can purchase extra tickets at the farm for $7 each. Here’s what you get for $7.00:

Hay Ride
Corn Mazes
Petting Zoo
Discovery Barn
Gourdville (1 gourd)
Straw Maze
Pumpkin Bowling
Various Games

Train Rides $1.75
Pony Rides $5.00
Peddle Carts $3.00
Silly String $2.00


How to enter to win!

Mandatory: Just leave me a comment below telling me you want to win! That’s it, you are entered!

Extra entries:  Come back and leave one comment once per day every day beginning the day after your original entry to increase your chances!

Giveaway begins tonight  September 19th and ends September 25, 2012. Winner picked randomly.

If you aren’t yet, please follow my Facebook pages either at 1000ThingstoDo or at HallofFameMoms!

*This is not a paid post, opinions are mine. We did not get to do everything, but the activities we did participate in were free for us this day.

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