Weekly Vlog: Why I became a work-at-home mom and blogger.



So, its Friday night and I’m just getting my weekly vlog up and running. I almost missed my first week. I’m calling this Episode 1 – which is how I’ll separate my vlogs from my other videos. And remember, I’m a work-in-progress here! I’m working on my speaking-in-front of the camera skills. [I’m usually the one behind it!]


This week I’m sharing about why and how I became a work-at-home mom and blogger. I’m sure there are other moms who can relate.



Are you working from home or trying to find a way to do it too?


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Tracy Zdelar

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I had the same struggle with day care and not wanting my children to spend so much time away from myself and my husband. I’ve been fortunate in that I “only” work part time away from home. But it’s still a constant internal struggle…especially now since my oldest is in school.

    I loved the interaction between you and your son. One of the things I think is hard for people who work at home is balancing the demands of work and family and keeping priorities in order. The fact that you cheerfully paused what you were doing to help him is a great reminder that the needs of our children/families should always come before work.

    Looking forward to episode 2!


    • Thanks, Danielle!

  2. Loved the vlog! How lovely that you shared your faith. You look lovely!

    I did it both ways, had a very successful “career” outside of the home and as our children grew and as we grew in our walk with the Lord I felt that tug at my heart to stay home. All the time God was working things as He called us to full-time service to Him — all part of His plan for us, no doubt! In the year 2000 I quit my job and we stepped out in faith as we trusted Him to let us know how we were going to make in on one income. As we continued to grow in the Lord we realized that it was not my job at all to provide for the family; instead God gave us husbands for that (Gen 3:17-19). What I never expected in staying home to care for my husband and children was that I was also going to home school them. And I did! God gave us everything that we needed and even today He still does.

    You have been an inspiration to me as a blogger and although mine is not a mommy blog, some of your tips have really helped me out. Please know that if I can help you out with home schooling, I would be delighted.

    Something that I would like to know how to do with my blog is how to host a give away. I have an opportunity to do that with a product that I will soon review but I don’t have a clue where to begin. Do you have some lessons learned there that you may share? You know how to contact me via email and I would be so pleased for any advice you have in that area.

    You did a great job on this vlog Tracy and I am really looking forward to the next one. Blessings from Albuquerque!

    • Thanks, Pam, you are so sweet. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement!

      I use to be afraid of doing giveaways, now its “old hat” to me. I would be glad to give you some tips here so anyone else needing the info has it and then I’ll email you privately.

      I use a couple different methods to run my giveaways:

      If I want to keep it really simple I just use the wordpress plugin I’ve downloaded called “And the winner is…” It lets me check a box to specify that the post “is” a giveaway and fill in a box to say how many winners there will be. Then when the contest is over it lets me “close the comments” and ramdomly pick a winner. I just email the winner from there. Easy.

      If I want people to “like” a Facebook page, send out a Tweet, or something else I use Rafflecopter.com and create a widget that I just copy/paste into my post (html side). You go to Rafflecopter.com then to pick the winner. If you check out some of my older giveaways in the “giveaways” cateegory you’ll see the widget.

      • Thanks so much Tracy. I will check out that plugin. I am still a little nervous about it. Just a little. Thanks for the tip deary!



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