Practically speaking…




Money doesn’t grow on trees, at least not in my backyard. If your finances are anything like ours you’re probably using coupons, buying some things second hand, and looking for ways to make extra money on the side.


At least that’s how it is at our house.


Anyways, this is why a lot of my focus on my blog is on life’s practicalities.  Christmas is around the corner and I’d like to save money on my purchases. I also need to avoid frivolous spending. Of course I want my kids to understand that life isn’t about having the newest toy or electronic – there are far more important priorities in life like faith, hope, love – eternity.


There still is no getting around the practical side to life that involves the need to  buy things we need to live (food, clothes, shoes) and having an income to pay the bills. This is true for us and true for you!


So, yes, I’m focusing a lot on practical things that have to do with the holiday season right now and I’m hoping these posts are useful and helpful to you as well as my own family.


In many of these posts I use affiliate links. If you decide you want to buy something, using my links will not tack on any extra charges for you. I simply make a little commission for sharing the information.


My blog is my at-home job and I only make a part-time sporadic income with it, but I’m thankful for this opportunity. I’m also thankful for my readers support. I hope my blog is a blessing to you :)  .


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  1. I was so excited to see an ad for World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine on your blog. Our family is involved with this event every year. We love it!

    The kids in our youth group have been been blessed to raise thousands of $ for it each year and it has really made an impact in their lives, thinking and world view.

    Now, regarding your comment: I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean so I have no idea how to change it to another option. It allows google and wordpress websites, and I don’t know of any other website options available.

    It also allows openID. I just don’t allow anonymous comments due to spam problems that I’ve had when I’ve allowed them in the past.

    Can you tell me what the basic name/website option that you mention is called? Oh, and I was able to pin that post so maybe pinterest wasn’t working earlier? I tried it and just pinned that post on my board so it’s working now! Thanks!

    • Okay, I’ll try pinning again. I wasn’t sure if you had some privacy settings on that wouldn’t allow it. As for the website log on, I don’t know how to get that. I don’t have openid and I think the wordpress setting is for the free wordpress blogs, but I could be wrong. My blog is wordpress but I own it. But, I can still just use my gmail login. I don’t use blogger/blogspot (I did start a side blog there once that I didn’t stay active on…I think)so if I didn’t have the gmail account I might not be able to leave any comments.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment 😉


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