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Enter to win this Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Giveaway


*Sample received for review. Giveaway prize provided by Keurig. Opinions are mine.


keurig k-cup review and giveaway


Hey, it must be “coffee week” at my blog – two giveaways in the same week for K-cups!  The second giveaway coffee post is still in the works but it should be up soon.  I know many of you would probably love a free box of K-Cup coffee, right?  And, these would be make great Christmas gift too – I know I’ve requested K-Cups :) .


Speaking of Christmas, have you been following my Christmas Gift Guide series here?  You’ll find some free downloads there and I have more giveaways to post. Be sure to subscribe for my updates in the Rafflecopter below so you don’t miss anything and you’ll get extra entries for this K-Cup giveaway.


Keurig sent me this box of 24 count Green Mountain‘s Three Continent Blend (Medium Roast Extra Bold) to try out and they are going to send my winner the same. Three cheers for free coffee!!!  3 Continent Blend has a strong robust flavor and I’m enjoying a cup right now. The only thing I like to add to some of my K-cups is a little peppermint oil.


“From the slopes of Mt. Kenya to the highlands of Sumatra, we invite you to discover your favorite.” – says the Green Mountain box which also states they are Fair Trade Certified. “Green Mountain Coffee is the leading roaster of specialty coffee in K-cups, offering you over 50 varieties of single-origin, Fair Trade Certified, organic, flavored, and decaf coffees.”


Enter to win!

Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Click each option you want, do what it says first, then click “I DID IT!”.  Giveaway begins today and ends in two weeks. I’ll be picking a winner by random and emailing them. Winner will have 48 hrs to respond to my email before I pick a new winner.


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Tracy Zdelar

Owner/Editor at Hall of Fame Moms
Trying to keep the main thing, the main thing - in the midst of my busy life. I work from home and as a Classical Conversations tutor so I can stay at home and homeschool my boys. I also write for free coffee and use these :) - alot!


  1. I love K-Cups because I can make a single cup of coffee. No one else at my house drinks coffee, so this is perfect for me!

  2. I’d love to try a new flavor!

  3. I start almost every day with a K-cup. I love the variety and the ease!

  4. I love the convenience!

  5. I like that they make one cup at a time

  6. No mess! Oh my gosh, I wont mention names, but some people I live with can spill coffee grounds and get them ALL OVER THE KITCHEN!

  7. I love (as do many others, I’m sure) the easy clean up!

  8. I love K-cups because if I just want one cup, it’s easy and quick and no pot to clean up!

  9. It is so cool to pick from such a wide variety of flavors!

  10. No mess :)

  11. Easy to use! No mess to clean up. I can’t grip stuff very well anymore so I was always spilling coffee grounds trying to fill old machines. These are great! Thanks for the chance and Good Luck to all!

  12. Like everyone else, it’s nice to be able to make one cup at a time. We grind & brew on the weekends, but on weekdays, it’s much more convenient to use K-cups. I also like the variety that k-cups offer.

  13. I like how easy they are to clean up.

  14. I love that it is so quick, so easy, so specifically what I want to drink

  15. hot and fresh coffee when i want it

  16. I love K-Cups because I can make one perfect cup of coffee.

  17. I like how easy they are.

  18. I love that they are fast and easy

  19. Not having to waste so much coffee by making it by the cup

  20. I love that I can have a hot cup of coffee with little prep!

  21. I love how convenient they are and NO MESS! Yay!

  22. They’re so convenient!

  23. I love how easy it is to wake up and have coffee in the morning!
    Thanks for the chance!

  24. I love my Keurig and I love Green Mountain coffee!

  25. Used to buy coffee from gas station because I could never just brew one cup. So now I can brew just one cup of anything I want:)

  26. Yumm! I love me some k cups!

  27. Would love to try these.

  28. Love K-Cups, best gift I bought for myself last Christmas! :)

  29. I love how many different options there are, there is something for every mood!


  30. I love the easy clean up! And I love that you make just one cup at a time because since there is just two of us that drink coffee in my house half the pot always goes to waste

  31. I love that it makes it so easy to get just the right cup.

  32. I just got a keurig for my birthday. I love that I can have a cup of madamia nut coffee in the morning and a cappuccino after supper if I want. I can mix it up all day if I wanted to

  33. I love coffee and use these when I work at school. Would also make a great gift.

  34. I love how easy they are to use

  35. I don’t drink a lot of coffee, so it’s nice to be able to make one cup at a time for myself or company.

  36. Just set up our Keurig! Enjoying a vanilla variety at the moment. Looking forward to the many choices.

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