Our Mom-Son Pottery date (finally!)




So, one year later… (remember my “word for 2014″ is faithful?)


Yes, finally I made it a point to take my 9 year old to paint pottery! Besides my procrastination, my son really wanted to shape his own pottery using a wheel. But, since I didn’t know where to take him to make that happen he settled for painting pottery.


And – we had a good time at Glazed & Amused in North Canton. There was almost no one in the studio at this time (Wednesday night), but a previous Friday night that I stopped in there, to check the place out, it was almost packed!  This was my son’s and my first visit there. It’s also the only pottery-painting place I know of in the area. The only other one I can think of is out in Alliance and that’s farther than I want to drive.




So,  this mom-son date-night-thing is a new tradition I’m trying to start. Actually, since we just have two kids I want my husband to have some one-on-one time with one child and I have the same with the other. Since our family is small it’s just easier to do so much of life together. I want there to be a special time each month where each boy gets to have the undivided attention of one parent.


Starting this new tradition will ensure that our boys have the opportunity to ask private questions with out a brother listening in, know what I mean?


For our first mom-son date night there were no serious “mom, I need to talk” conversations going on, but shortly after we began painting this is what he asked…



Mom, you know the next time we do this?


(me) Yes.


Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese (instead).


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  1. Too sweet! And what a good idea. With so many kids I feel like I do not get enough good one on one time with any of them.

    Is there still one of these places in Southpark mall in Strongsville? If so you should check it out because under the escalator in the middle of the mall is gelato which can make angels sing. :)

    • I have no idea about Strongsville, but thank you for the comment! :)


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