Off-grid pantry planner

Well, this holiday season has left me in a lazy slump. I’ve lost my steam and kind of…my way here on this website. As bad as that sounds, I know its the place I need to be. I need to reevaluate just where I want to be heading with my businesses and the end of a year and beginning of a new one is a great time to be in such a slump.

Now, I’m not a resolution setter anymore- but I am about change when its needed. I do have some goals and I plan to share them with you in the days to come. I’m also about to have my WAHM wish granted by Kelly McCausey for some free coaching. I know she will tell me what she believes I need to hear and I’m ready or almost ready for it. Ready or not…I know I need it. Lets put it that way.Â

I know I have three designated areas in my life needing some change and I have three goals for each of them. What about you? Come back and read about mine and share yours as well.