Off-grid pantry planner

Good Morning Monday! I’m very happy to be feeling like myself today! Friday night I attended an all-night scrapbooking event with some girlfriends and even though I had had very little caffeine, I just couldn’t get to sleep when the last of us turned in for the night…mind you, it was after 4am at this point. So I tossed and turned until I fell asleep and then woke up ready for the day before 7:30am! Now, I realized back when I was 28 years old that I had passed my ability for all-nighters. And it took me about two days to recover from staying up till after 4am for this scrapbook event. I took long naps along with my boys on Saturday and Sunday (my husband even fell asleep) and then early bedtimes both nights. Today I feel great. I got something like 18/ 12×12 pages done for my boys’ books and then another 8 smaller sized pages done for my grandma’s book. I mail these off to her to stick inside the album I started for her about a year ago.

So, lets get down to business now… I have many more interviews to share and some product reviews. None of that is happening today, but I wanted to keep you posted. What I do want to share with you is that I have bought online through Cashbaq and have earned money back plus I make some off of friends who sign up through me…the same came happen for you! I don’t buy alot online but when I do, I want to be wise and frugal about it. I currently have been approved for earning over $85 in money coming back to me! Whoo-hoo! Who couldn’t use an extra $85! So, how about you? If you do any online buying, how about signing up here to register for free with Cashbaq and start earning! And don’t forget to look for coupon codes to save even more money!

Happy shopping & save or earn some money while you’re at it, for goodness sakes!