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Today my firstborn started Kindergarten. And he was ready!

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten


I will admit,  I felt like I was the one starting school because I was actually nervous that I might have him past the “tardy bell”. But nope. We had time to spare. Time for a photo shoot too.


first day of school


A friend of mine told me last night that she cries every time the kids’ start school…her kids are in middle school and jr. or sr. high. She told me to call her and she would cry with me 🙂  In fact, she called me this morning…but – no tears from this momma. I think my friend might have been disappointed.  But you know what, my boy needs this (and so do I ).  My job is to make sure my boys grow up under my watchful, nurturing eyes to become independent, Godly young men who can survive without me someday.


God has a plan for their life (and he has one for you too, I promise!) …and besides, Brendan has so much energy and orneriness inside that this kind of  structure will be good for him! Speaking of structure…I’ll show you my Home Manager in the next post!


Don’t be sad, be happy!