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Ah, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Brings in many visitors from all over the USA. And this is THE week. They’ve been busy little beavers down here getting things set up. Getting ready for a crazy fan filled week.

In fact, 3 homes have come down and though I don’t have a picture from “today”- I think it looks like they’ve paved a new parking lot down there in place of the homes.

Tomorrow is the Ribs Burnoff, Fashion show luncheon, and Enshrinees dinner. Do you know who the “new” guys are this year?  I’ll show you their faces…

Sorry. Its not exactly a “close-up”.  I’ll tell you who they are though…

Bruce Smith Defensive End for the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins

Ralph Wilson Jr.  Owner of the Buffalo Bills (1961-present)

Bob Hayes Wide Receiver of the Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49ers

Randall McDaniel Offensive Guard for Minnesota Vikings & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rod Woodson Cornerback/safety Pitts.Steelers, 49ers, Balt. Ravens & Oakland Raiders

Derrick Thomas Linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs

…and I got all my info on them from the Canton Repository newspaper.

Okay. Well. Stay-tuned for more fascinating information on the HOF (Hall of Fame festival).  If you’re coming up here bring parking money…the game is Sunday night at 8pm Ohio time 🙂 on NBC.  Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans!

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