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That sounds kinda funny doesn’t it, my brain is full?  But that is how I feel.  I’ve tried to take a sheet of paper and a pen and empty some of my brain in writing so I wouldn’t forget anything- that only helped a little.

My oldest just started kindergarten and in our area they go all day everyday.  I can see the physical toll its having on him. It seems that for two weeks in a row by the second full day of school of  each week  he is so wiped out he can’t stay awake for anything.  I wonder if his brain is full too?

I often ask the Lord to give me His perspective through the day. To help me see things the way He does. Afterall, I was put here to bring glory to Him. Its not about me. Sometimes doing the right thing involves making some people unhappy. Confronting issues head-on that you know are going to hurt or destroy the lives of others. I’ve had to do this on occasion and generally speaking the outcome seems to be that the people, in the wrong, would rather cut ties with me. So be it. It sucks.

Sometimes we are full and wiped out because we are involved in good things that just require alot out of us and then sometimes its because of the crappy things going on in life. Such is life.

Life can get crazy busy.  Sometimes you have to say “no” to good things. Sometimes you need to say “yes” and make a sacrifice for the good of someone else.  Some things are just “good” and you’d be better saying no to them because the other choice is “best”. Some decisions are never easy.

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