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Ever have those days when things just don’t go “right”?  How about “normal”?  Kinda sounds weird to say…thing just didn’t go “normal” today. But thats what we mean, “right”? (hehe) Okay, bad joke. So went the last few days at our house.

Saturday morning we were headed out to the van, that was inside the garage only to find that the drain backed up into the garage. And it didn’t smell pretty. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad. But then Saturday night after bathing the boys and a couple toilet flushes…we had backup in the basement laundry room. Did I mention we’re talking weekend plumbing problems here?! We live in NE Ohio, if you’re just over the Pennsylvania border you should look for plumbers in Pittsburgh.

So, hubby is at work and I’m calling the County Sanitation Department just in case the problem is “theirs” (oh pray, oh pray it is!)…and the website says to call them before bringing out a plumber anyways.  So my kids are in bed for the  night, they come and check out the street sewer-line and tell me it doesn’t appear to be a county issue.  The plumbing company I use mostly for our plumbing-related issues (I say that cuz we once had to have them soap up a line to find a gas leak) tells me it will cost $332 to come out here on a Sunday for one hour (but this includes the machine now).  Well, that is “not acceptable”. And I turned to my Facebook friends  for recommendations. I just love my Facebook friends! They come up with suggestions over and over. Follow my Facebook Page here.

Turns out we were able to work around this inconvenience till Monday morning and one of the recommended area plumbers (try Restano if you need plumbers in Pittsburgh) was a great fit for us and I would even recommend them to anyone else…living in the Stark County area. He cleaned out the drain in the garage, replaced a broken cap, and offered to clean out the laundry room drain while he was here for only $20 more (and it needed it- I think it was worse off then he expected). Ahhh. Don’t take your plumbing for granted!

So, 3 cheers to Holderbaum Drain Service  in Massillon, Ohio. Thank you for your great service and price!

Changing the tire.

Oh yeah…then my husband got a flat tire on his way home from work and that messed up our evening. But that story isn’t quite as flattering to the service company that replaced our tires so I’d better stop here.  Nothing is built to last forever, kinda stinks when it all falls apart at once though. But thats…   just life, isn’t it!