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I’m thankful for a lot of things! My family,  my friends, my home,  my new computer, even though its an Emachine (lol).

My SAVIOR- Jesus Christ!

I wouldn’t be who I am without HIM. In fact, I’m sure I wouldn’t like who I would be without Him.

I’m extremely grateful for the peace of mind I have because I walk with Him. When I screw up and confess it to Him, He forgives me.

I know since He already paid my sin-debt and because I received that gift of Him doing so that He will never kick me out of His family.

He hears my prayers and answers them according to His will for me…not necessarily my will for me 😉  (Which is a good thing – becareful what you ask for!)

Like marriage and kids…I wanted all of it long before it was His will for me…I almost screwed that up. But I listened to that still small voice that at times got awfully LOUD- pulling me back to His path for me…and away from my own.

I have had many prayers answered and in His time I received the desires of my heart- His way.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and reflect on whats most important today!