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Did you know blogging is big business? You don’t have to sell computers and cell phones to make it work for you. You can have a blog just to share your thoughts with people or you can use your blog to not only share information, but your opinion on products you have knowledge of. This is where you can make alot of money.

Got a passion for exercise, health & fitness? Find a company that offers an affiliate program and you could well be on your way to making money from home. You just blog about what you know about those topics, share your tips, successes, …whatever. Talk about the products from the company you’ve signed up to promote (of course you have your affiliate links and banners on your blog) and as people click on those banners (containing your affiliate id info) and purchase these products- you are making a commission. And if you are thinking to yourself…”but I can’t write!” …there are people out there who have done that part.  Check out Nicole Dean’s Easy Plr- even Lynn Terry is a customer 😉

You’ll find niche (specialized) topics from pregnancy to business to feng shui, cycling, debt  and more! And its so reasonably priced. You’ll also find e-reports, e-courses and e-books.  PLR stands for Private Label Rights and its basically this- someone else has done the writing for you and is giving you permission to use it!

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(NOTE: If you have some basic questions about what PLR is and how to use it I have a separate blog about it right here.)

You can  also monetize your blog by just adding Adsense by Google (Google Ads). When someone makes a qualifying “click” through those ads you make money.  There is also Widget Bucks and other ad companies you can use.

You can also sell ads yourself.  My niche is to help women who want to or are working from home. I sell ads to them and often I include blogging about them and their businesses as well.

You can really be creative with your blog- just make sure you are adding value to it and helping your target market reach their goals!

To success!