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My Scentsy

During the month of  October I took my marketing to a local level by visiting a couple craft shows and getting my blogging card (biz card) handed out during halloween.  I met Andrena Wallace, a local gal who sells directly for Scentsy. She contacted me later to review a fullsize Scentsy set ($40 value which she gave to me free of charge) which included my choice of a fullsize Scentsy warmer (I picked the Angora) and three Scentsy bars. I chose from three different “families” of scents: Simply Irresistible, Holiday Kiss, and Cinnamon Vanilla. Simply Irresistible smelled very very clean…like a soap scent, Holiday Kiss is alittle bit trickier for me to nail down…to me it reminded me of perfume, with a bit of cinnamon maybe?  My favorite by far of the three was the Cinnamon Vanilla! Wonderful, warm scent…I’m actually melting my last piece of that bar now 🙁  I guess I’ll have to order more!

My thoughts on the Scentsy fullsize warmer? I LOVE it! Its such good quality (in my opinion) and its electric… no candles, no flames. And I’ve been burning it for hours and hours and the bulb has not gone out (comes w/ bulb). The scents are marvelously strong and last for hours. I picked out a warmer that had little holes in it and the light shines out and reflects on the walls around it.

Scentsy doesn’t just come in one size, you have options and there are so many design choices! The fullsize set that I received is definitely worth the $40 it costs (that price is a package discount price…it would cost more to buy all of that separate). This would make a very nice Christmas gift. Contact Andrena and ask about the November special!