Off-grid pantry planner

My husband’s been off work for a week or so this month because of how slow things get there and its been nice that we’ve been able to get some extra things done around the house. The boy’s playroom is done enough where they can play in there. I’ve added some learning charts to the walls for them. I’ve done a little decorating in the house, we’ve moved some furniture, added a piece, getting rid of a piece.

With the exception of a case of strep throat for my oldest and what appears to be a little cold now for the youngest, we’ve been very healthy.

And then there are our cats…Spanky and Coco. We did find out during a trip to the vet during this time that Coco is blind to some degree and  with some other issues, may not live long.

Such is life.

December has not been all about getting ready for Christmas though. As an “online” mom I’m part of a bigger community than just those I see face to face. I have Twitter friends, Facebook friends, and network friends. This has been a sobering month as I have read, watched, and felt along with others the pain that is so merciless but also a part of this thing we call “life”.  One of these moms lost her 5 day old daughter to an unknown heart disorder, the baby died in her arms while nursing.  I along with probably hundreds of others read and reread the one plea for prayers by another mom whose 2 year old fell in a pool and died. I found out almost 2 wks after the fact that a Facebook friend and a woman I knew personally from years gone by was killed in  tragic car accident.  And my neighbor’s son died- leaving behind 4 kids. Wow, what a month. And thats just the one’s I can recall.

Such is life, for sure.

Don’t wait to count your blessings. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Remember to pray for those who are hurting.

As for me, I do know who holds tomorrow in His hands and though I don’t understand why he lets things happen -I know He knows best and I will just have to trust that. I have a peace that passes understanding and I can say, I know God personally! I will get to spend eternity with Him someday. Will you? Click here to find out how you can know for sure.