Off-grid pantry planner

I just wanted to share this info. I haven’t checked into all the details but I know Giant Eagle was advertising “Free Antibiotics”. I forgot this about 10 days ago when my oldest was diagnosed with strep throat. I went on to Discount Drug Mart to get my prescription filled and pay my copay of $15.  The medicine he was prescribed was on the “free” list-  my “hindsight” revelation.

However, while at Discount Drug Mart I learned that any prescription filled there qualified for a free cold/flu product. The pharmacist showed me my choices… hand sanitizer, a 2-pack of chapstick, a 30 ct bag of cough drops or 2oz saline nasal spray. We also could get 2 free stock title video rentals. They had a brochure explaining a lot of benefits that came with using Drug Mart. I’d encourage you to pick up a brochure next time you’re in there.

I also talked to the pharmacist about the taste of the medicine. I was concerned that my son might put up a fight if it tasted awful.

Drug Mart gets kudos for their pharmacist’s customer service!  He not only made sure I got my “freebie” for having a prescription filled there (the chapsticks)- but he called me a day or so later to see if my son was taking the medicine.