Off-grid pantry planner

Stockpiling is  about stocking up (on what our family uses or things I can give away to others) when the prices are just too good to pass up.  I’ve been getting so many good deals using coupons stacked with sale prices that I like to have pictures to show you and share the details.

Now, I’m not a coupon teacher although you can learn a few things by reading how I save. I let the “couponista-girls” do the detailed teaching and deal-finding- although I do come across some deals without their help and I will share some spontaneous bargain finds usually with my Facebook Fans- click here to join us

I’ve made a category called “My Stockpile” to share pictures of the deals I get.  I’ve been really fortunate with Giant Eagle this month of January. I can’t recall a month quite so good for me- but getting those deals has required me to…

1-  ask for rainchecks for current sale prices when items on sale are out of stock.

2-  buy extra Sunday newspapers (I can get them half-off on Mondays). Do it at Giant Eagle so you get your Fuelperks.

3-  subscribe to my favorite coupon-blogger’s newsletters (I may miss a deal if I don’t subscribe).

Its all paid off.  I’m pretty comfy with what I know now about stacking coupons with sale prices and using rebates. I’ve been doing this for some time now but you may not be as familiar so let me point you in a helpful direction.