Off-grid pantry planner

I chose to be a stay-at-home mom while my kids are young. That has meant finding ways to supplement our income. I do what I can.

I’ve sold antiques and used clothing on Ebay; and childrens and maternity items at twice-a-year kids sale locally. My husband and I have sold old books ,etc  at a flea market. We sell parking in front of our home during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival. Currently I do part-time childcare from my home as well as everything I have going on with my website.

Actually, my stay-at-home status has given me an opportunity to learn new skills (blogging, wordpress, writing articles,  marketing, etc) without paying to go to school. I’m in the school of “real-life” here 😉

There’s not much glamor in it, but its my life.

What do you do to earn extra income from home? You don’t have to be a blogger or have a website to leave a comment. Anyone can leave one and your email address will not be shared nor will you be added to my newsletter.