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Somehow I lost my original review post of  Hakuna Matata Vitamins and I wanted to get it back on here. A little while back Scott from Hakuna Matata Vitamins sent me 2 bottles to review – one for each of my sons. Long story short (I could just kick myself for deleting it- at least thats what I think happened)…these turned out to be great tasting vitamins, in my opinion. My husband and I were even eating them (thats okay, adults are allowed 😉 ). I will say that my kids have been accustomed to eating Flintstones and though they would eat HM Vitamins my oldest in particular wasn’t completely won over. But – he doesn’t like hamburgers, most vegetables or spaghetti sauce either. He’s just picky so it would take a little while to wean him off  “his usual vitamins”.

These are all-natural, gluten free, no preservatives, made from fruit & vegie vitamins! And they are reasonably and competitively priced, in my opinion too.

Hakuna Matata Vitamins even out-scored a slew of other brand-name children’s vitamins, coming in at #13 if memory serves me correct. I’m not sure where that link is or I’d share it with you here.

About the time I did my review HM was giving away 5 bottles of their tasty vitamins (taste like orange juice) to 5 of my readers. If you were one of those 5 perhaps you could leave me a comment telling me your thoughts on these vitamins.

Personally, besides liking the taste (which is somewhat similar to Flintstones in a way, but these are all orange-juicy tasting) I really like the idea that they are healthy.

You can read more about Hakuna Matata Vitamins and don’t miss the reviews they share from happy customers too.