Off-grid pantry planner

1.     I just came across this GREAT resource for homeschooling mom’s or wanna-be’s like me. I already have the Swagbucks (where I earn Amazon egift certificates and the StumbleUpon toolbars but I wanted this one too. It doesn’t take up anymore room than the other too and it is LOADED with goodies… homeschool blog links, homeschool feeds, local weather, games (I hope some educational ones for my sons), Homeschool FREEBIES…and more. You have to check it out!

2.     A change in weather! Yes, goodbye snow (I hope)…tonight we’re getting thunder and lightning and I like it!

3.     Freezer cooking in general. I like having things I’ve made myself, in bulk, in the freezer that I can pull out and nuke for a quick meal …such as my breakfast burritos and french toast sticks.

4.     Being able to pick up a delicious Little Caesar’s Hot ‘n Ready Pizza for $5. (I do this often after picking up my son from school 😉

5.    Organizing my home and checking out how other mom’s are doing it on their blogs. Like today, I visited 119 blogs (some did not have working links anymore however) of how homeschooling mom’s were organizing their homeschool rooms/areas of learning.

6.    Did I mention the warmer weather (squee)!

7.    Researching online. Unfortunately my “butt” seems to be proof enough for me that this activity is NOT figure friendly 😉

8.    My yummy healthy smoothie because  I KNOW it not only tastes good but  is good for me…especially now that I learned that adding a big old bunch of raw spinach doesn’t ruin the taste (though it does make it green) and I’m getting more fruit and veggies by drinking them.

9.    How clean my carpets are after I nearly hurt myself cleaning them so intently. Okay, well, I was sore for maybe 2-3 days after I did them!

10.  How good life is when you can take anything to the Lord and you know He cares!  He’s the source of HOPE and CHANGE America needs to be looking too…instead of the government. I know I have HOPE that some things will CHANGE for my family and I’m waiting on God to take care of it in His time 😉

{#11…Oh why not!} I like being frugal and how rewarding it is to score the wonderful deals that save our family money. Like all the free before sales tax toilet paper we’ve been getting among other things! Just check out all my posts under “Frugal” in my categories.