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You may want to go to Walgreens this week…

I went to Walgreens to take advantage of the Kotex deal where you buy 3 at $2.99 each and get a $5 RR (Register Reward) and I wanted to pick up some Kleenex (buy one get one free sale). I used coupons I had printed off the computer (check here for Kleenex and Kotex coupons in my sidebar). What I didn’t know and was pleasantly surprised to find out was that by buying 6 Kleenex (three of which were free) that a $3 RR would print out! I also had Kleenex coupons to use. Here’s what I did and how I saved…

Round #1

I did 2 separate transactions. First, I bought 3 packs of the $2.99 Kotex using 2 coupons ($1 off one and $2 off two) Total before tax was $5.97 and a $5 RR ( also known as catalina coupons) popped out.

Then I bought the 6 boxes of (200 ct) Kleenex (my favorite brand of tissues anyways!)- 3 of which were free (buy one get one free sale) and I used 2 .50 off coupons and the $5 RR. Total before tax .57 cents! AND a $3 RR popped out!

Round #1 cost me $6.54 before tax out of pocket.

Later I went to a different Walgreens because the Kotex I wanted was gone. I did the same deals again but a little differently to get another batch of Kotex and Kleexex….

Round #2

This time I  bought 3 packs of Kotex at $2.99 each and used 2 coupons for $2 and $1 off and my $3 RR. But the register “dinged” and the clerk said he thought I needed to spend maybe another $1.80.  I know sometimes there are rules to how many coupons you can use per item- one of my coupons may have been $2 off two and that might have been the problem. So it gave me an excuse to try the Willie Wonka Chocolate bars at $1.99 each 🙂   So I spent $4.47 before tax and out popped my $5 RR- (luv it!)

Then I did another transaction for my 6 boxes of (200 ct) Kleenex (three which were free from the sale)-  I had no more manufacturer coupons but I used my $5 RR and my total before tax was $1.57 and another $3 RR popped out!

Round #2 cost me $6.04 before tax out of pocket.

So total before tax was $12.58 for 12 boxes of 200 ct Kleenex, 6 packs of Kotex and 1 Willie Wonka Bar 😉

Later I used that $3 to buy a big bottle Kids’s Suave  shampoo/condition/body wash (sort of an all-purpose for kids).

I am well stocked on paper goods! Does this sound overwhelming to you? I will admit. Sometimes I just “happen” to come across some deals by accident it seems, but most of my savings comes from knowing where to look or who to look too. Don’t miss my Steps to Savings post to come later this week. These steps will help get you started on your way.

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