Off-grid pantry planner

Well today was suppose to be the kickoff to a few giveaways buuuuttttt….

…well, the one scheduled for today wasn’t what I thought it was. Instead of a free product it was only going to be a gift certificate for about a third of the price. I wasn’t sure how that would fly here and then when I requested some more info I didn’t hear back from the company today so I’m scrapping that one. Bear with me as I get ready to share a review and giveaway for another product đŸ˜‰ It may be a few days till I’m ready. But I will give you a few hints about  3 of the giveaways coming up…BuildABear, MyPreciousKid, and BocaBeth.

Now, you can do some Googling for those websites and try to guess whats coming up!