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May 25th was Missing Children’s Day apparently. I didn’t realize it till I saw the insert in the mail or paper…or something. I thought about writing a post about it then, but it happened to fast.

Then yesterday someone shared with me the story of a missing boy in Portland, Oregon. There is a Facebook page devoted to finding him. News stories are linked, info surrounding his disappearance can be found there. They even have images you can use to print fliers or use for your profile pic to spread the word as fast as possible. He’s been missing since Friday morning. He could be anywhere. Lost in the woods near the school, or traveling with an abductor.

He’s in 2nd grade. About 7 years old. Described as timid and sweet. Last seen walking to his classroom after visiting the science fair at his school with his step-mom. He never made it it seems. The school marked him as absent. Appears that no one noticed him missing until the end of the school day when he didn’t get off the school bus. The school has been in the progress of making changes.

Would you pass the word with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere? Will you help find missing children through your blogs as well? I have included links (under my Favorite’s list here at the blog) to America’s Most Wanted’s Missing Children’s  Resouces and a link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children . You can get a banner to put on your blog showing missing children at the NCMEC.

Missing Kyron Horman’s Facebook page. “Like” it and share it with your friends.

Kyron reminds me of my own 6 yr old. Kinda looks like him in certain pics. Its easy for me to see my son in Kyron’s face but difficult to really imagine living the nightmare this little boy and his parent’s and step-parents are living through right now.

As big as the world is, its still small enough that a missing child can be found. Please pray that Kyron is found safe and sound and returned home TODAY. Remember the Jayce Duggard and Shawn Hornbeck stories? After 4 years Shawn was found alive and almost 20 yrs later Jayce. There is a website for Shawn Hornbeck’s story and foundation, click HERE to read.

I’ve been involved in the search for a missing child before, years ago. The search didn’t end well. Maybe I’ll share the story someday on here.

Lets pass the word around our corners of the world about the missing children that touch our lives and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to keep them safe and make them “found”.

If this were your child, wouldn’t you want the same?

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