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The Spoils of Eden by Linda Lee Chaikin, a new novel published by Moody.

I grabbed the opportunity from to be a reviewer of this new Christian novel about a baby born in a leper colony, the Hawaiian Islands, love and more! I received my copy around the beginning of May and soon started reading. Though I do read a lot *cue in kids*, I don’t usually devote time to long novels (and I only read the clean Christian kind). This novel stirred my interest.  I mean a baby born in a leper colony abandoned on the shore?

Eden and Rafe are main characters…headed for marriage, an engagement ended because of  her desire to help her father with the leper colony. Rafe wants to adopt the baby abandoned on the shore. Eden has a message for him from the Board. But thats just a part of it.

I haven’t finished the book yet. I did find a good bit of what I’ve read so far to be hard to digest as so many characters and details have been thrown in the early chapters to bring the reader up to speed. TMI for this mommy-brain! (Thats Too Much Info, btw;) ) I think day one in the story has lasted for about 8 chapters. Thats about where I’ve left off for the time. BUT I am still wanting to find out how things end for Eden, Rafe and the leper colony baby. Oh, and I didn’t tell you the secret about Eden’s mother.

What also intrigues me about this story is that Linda Chaikin, an award winning author who has written over thirty books, weaves true historical facts with  fiction. I like that it involves some real history. I do find the Hawaiian lingo makes it a bit more of a challenge for me, but I do like history so I see this as a chance to learn a little about Hawaiian history too.

Well, since I’m not planning to skip to the very end of this book I can’t tell you how it all turns out. You’ll have to pick up your own copy of  The Spoils of Eden to read it for yourself 😉

*I did receive a copy of The Spoils of Eden for free so I could read and write this review.

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