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I am a part-time independent contractor who is  often called, a work-at-home-housewife. I have several small business ventures. I do everything from  internet research, blogging and promotions/demo/event specialist/brand ambassador to a Product Reviewer, and Mineral Makeup Consultant.


I am a mother to one grown son and a step-mother to one boy who is eight and a girl, seven.  I enjoy reading, writing, blogging, social media and networking.  Resourcefully For You and my resulting blogs were founded in May 2007. After personally having gone through a difficult time; I realized there was a real need for resourceful information to help guide me, as well as others, so, I decided to start my own website to help not only myself, but others in need as well.


Originally titled “Resourceful Living” and changed in early 2009 to “Resourcefully For You”, came the birth of my blog Life Matters and in addition, my other four blogs. Just recently I launched a new blog, Resourcefully For You that is related directly to my website by the same name.  In the process, I am tweaking Life Matters to gear it a little more towards an array of topics relating to everyday life matters and in addition to working mothers, women, families, etc.


work at home ideas for women / moms

My Mission:

To provide resourceful links, information, articles, tips and ideas to face life’s adversities, as well as provide you with affordable online shopping and product reviews. In addition to these services I am an Event Specialist/Brand Ambassador/Promos/Demos, Affiliate Marketing, Blogger, Product Reviewer & Social Support & Enthusiast.

My Products:

Independant Contractor-Event Specialist/Brand Ambassador/Promos/Demos, Affiliate Marketing (Monet Minerals & Country Charm Scents Consultant), Blogger, Product Reviewer, Assistance/Resources/ Humanatarism- eResearch, Social Support & Enthusiast

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