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A really good camera can cost a lot of money. The best camera I ever owned was a gift in the mid 1980’s from my mom. It was a 35mm Minolta and I was proud to manually adjust the settings to “create” my photos so to speak.

That same beloved Minolta now sits in its bag along with its accessories untouched, because the digital age is here. My husband and I bought our first digital camera in 2004 just shortly before the birth of our firstborn. That is why we went digital. We needed a camera my husband could use without me having to set up. I continued to take pictures for a little while though…with my Minolta.

I recently was asked to share about, a place where you can RENT Canon and Nikon cameras and dSLR accessories. LensTerminal is in Long Island, NY but they will ship to all 50 states in the USA (no international shipping is available).

I browsed their site and found camera bodies, camera batteries, grips, chargers, tripods, monopods, gorillapods, memory cards, light meters, lenses, flashes and under water strobe lighting just to name a few things 😉

Do you have a high tech camera? Would you consider lens rental? This could be the answer to a project you’re working on now. If you know you need special photo technology temporarily, why not rent?

*Compensated post- but review of their services and thoughts and suggestions are my own.