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I introduced our trip in this post. You can read it if you wish.   So without further ado I want to tell you that we had a BLAST at Wild Water Kingdom. Possibly the first time either my husband or I (and of course our boys) had been to Geauga Lake’s water park in Aurora, Ohio. It was about an hour drive one way for us coming from Canton.  *We were provided free entrance, Beagle Bucks and parking to visit the park so that I might write a review about it.

My youngest is a born scaredy-cat, potential party-pooper 😉 .  Mr. “I will NOT be the life of the party” preferred this position when we got over to the really fun water park area with water slides and the big bucket that dumps on ya. This was an area where any age could have fun. Their were slides for my little guy and slides for big kids too.

But after awhile {and donning a life jacket} our little guy got into the “party” and appeared to be having a really good time in the water I’m glad to report.

Yeah, I know he doesn’t “look” thrilled here but that might be because his life jacket was up a bit high. He really did start having fun.

So I mentioned in my intro post that we were given Beagle Bucks to spend like cash in the park. We were given $40 (thats $10 per person) and I wanted to report that we were able to spend the day from about 2:45pm -closing at 8pm not needing all of that. Now we did spend just under the $40 but that included a few souvenirs (less than $8) which we could live without but bought anyways.

Since our family is young with small kids we split meals.  Our food purchases were for a  decent-sized pizza stuffed pretzel, a hamburger, a large slice of pizza which the boys shared and bottle of pop (20 oz I think) and a big Icee/slushy thing, a medium dish of the ice cream dots (Fun Dots?)…oh and a bag of cotton candy on our way out of the park 😉  You can bring your own food and drinks to eat outside of the park in an area provided for those who want to do that. You just can’t take food and drink inside the park.

Some things to take note of about this Wild Water Kingdom

  • they have sand too!
  • they have a really nice Little Tikes playground area.
  • they have lots of those nice  (blue) lounging seats in different areas of the park.
  • they have lockers.
  • its a good idea to bring a stroller (even if your baby is 4 yrs old) to carry your wet towels and change of clothes.
  • you cannot bring food/drink inside the park, but they do provide an area outside of it that you can eat at.
  • they have lots of life guards that receive top training and they do have an interesting “head-move-groove” while they’re guarding 😉

Here’s  a short video of clips from our day.

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*And that “not so good” surprise when we got home was finding the freezer door (above the fridge) hadn’t been shut all the way. And it wouldn’t have been too bad except since we got home late from the water park I didn’t find the freezer door like that till the next day. Lots of thawed and some warm (fridge section) food. I ended up throwing just about everything away ;(

Well, the fridge/freezer were due for a cleaning anyways.