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This month BuildABear introduced the BuildABear Craftshop “fashion decorating kit” for sale at Michael’s Craft stores. BuildABear sent me a big box full of these kits so I could throw a fashion party for mom’s and their daughters. Now that didn’t stop me and my boys from having fun decorating shirts too!


The kits are meant for girls aged 6 and up but as you’ll see in my photos- we had boys aged 4 and up decorating too. The kits come with 4 fabric markers, 1 embroidered patch, 1 stencil sheet, 13 colorful iron-ons, 7 glitter iron-ons, 6 foil iron-ons, 2 rhinestone shape iron-ons, and one 10″ bear sized t-shirt and easy to follow instructions. The kits we received also had a $5 off a $25 BuildABear coupon on the backside of the yellow labels.



I actually brought a few of my shirts for my boys and I to decorate, but you can decorate hats, jeans, whatever.


When throwing such a party its a must to have more than one iron- and having a designated “iron-on mom” is a great help too! Thank you BuckeyeVa for being ours 😉  Thank you BuildABear for giving us the chance to try out these awesome craft kits!


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