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I am Jennifer Thomas, owner of  BlueChip 360, an online retail business.  BlueChip 360 specializes in unique fashion accessories for women and children.  We carry unique and hard to find items such as wallets, eco-friendly tote bags and laptop bags, luggage tags and Jibbitz brand shoe charms for Crocs, to name a few.  I started BlueChip 360 as an eBay seller 4 years ago to help supplement our family’s income.


What started out as an eBay business blossomed into a full-blown, online retail business.  I found a niche market selling Jibbitz brand shoe charms for Crocs in the U.S. and abroad.  Over the years I’ve been able to expand my product line to incorporate accessories that I love and use!


The best part of my business is that it allows me to work from home with a flexible schedule for raising my children.  The most interesting thing that has happened to me as a result of my business is that I have appeared on a CBS Atlanta morning television show, did a radio spot with the President of eBay and was prominently featured in a major newspaper article about my business and “eBay success story.”   Starting my own business has allowed me to form valuable business relationships and has opened up many new opportunities for me.  I am currently working on becoming qualified as an “eBay Education Specialist” so I can share my expertise with others who are interested in starting their own businesses or simply looking to make a little extra money selling things on eBay.


When I first started my business, I envisioned growing it into a family owned enterprise and feel that I am very close to achieving that goal.


You can visit my store at You can email me at

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