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I’m a wife and mother to two, 3 yrs and 15 months.  A year and a half ago I was invited to a Discovery Toys party by a friend and as soon as I saw the products, I said “I want to do that!”.  I love what I do and believe in the products 100%. I truly believe that play is a child’s work. Children play to learn, to grow, and to experience the world around them. For me, Discovery Toys provides a meaningful business opportunity. It’s a career that allows me to build my work schedule around my life while earning an income that supports my lifestyle.

Discovery Toys products are top selling educational toys, books, games and software from birth through adult!  The products are backed with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  I can help with Birthdays, Baby Registries, Educational Needs, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Easter Baskets, Teacher Gifts, In-Home/Catalog Parties and Fundraisers!

DT allows you to raise your family & your income!  The compensation plan is amazing as well as the incentive trips.  Do you want to join me in Costa Rica next year?

I plan to further my business so I never have to work for anyone else.  To be able to make my own schedule and be there for my children.

I can help you spend money, save money or make money.  To learn more, join or book a party, go to

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