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Math Mammoth for homeschooling

I shared in this post awhile back about my choices for curriculum in homeschooling my first grader. I wanted to try out Math Mammoth on him and so I emailed the company (or Maria I guess) to say I’d give them a review in exchange for this material. They obliged, I’m grateful. And we have been working our way through it.

One of the things I like about Math Mammoth is that I can have it downloaded and print off what I need as I need it. I do believe they sell the printed books  and  cd’s as well.

I like that this math involves, in my opinion, critical thinking.  For example Brendan is learning addition right now. He’s not just learning to add up and down, he’s learning what that can look like in other forms. The latest lesson we worked on was counting with a number line.

This math course also comes with some teaching about foreign currencies.  I suppose thats because this Math might be sold in Britain, Europe and Canada as well. This will be a bonus for me when I teach my son about other countries and continents. We can actually learn a little about some of  their currencies too.

Math Mammoth comes with the answer key, of course, and a way to make lots of extra worksheets. I haven’t used this option yet, but now I think I’ll try.

Are you interested? Maria has a free download of  worksheets (contains 300 or more). You can get them for yourself here. Math Mammoth has package deals here.  I have the Light Blue series (costs more but has more to it). Maria breaks it down for parents right here. She also talks to teachers. You’ll find all of this info and more at the website.

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