Off-grid pantry planner

{Note: I am linking to some products that will give you an idea of what I thought about using or had access to. Some links in this post are affiliate links. }

Last month I shared pictures of 2 areas that attract clutter in my home. Clutter drives me buggy! It took some time to find a solution. I considered different options such as magazine files, plastic bins, shoe boxes,  stacking trays and who knows what else. I “window shopped” at Walmart, the Dollar Tree, and online.

Then it came together for me and I didn’t have to buy a single thing. I used what I had at home!

  • The black thingy pictured below. I don’t know whats it called 😉  This is set inside the storage box to hold files, etc.
  • I already had been using that white swivel organizer for pens, scissors, etc.

My homemade solution to de-cluttering my kitchen countertop.

And there you go!  I’m very pleased at how functional this set up is for me. Its not too bad to look at either, in my opinion. (The blue serving dish with the paper over it is a “catchall” for little things.)

My uncluttered kitchen counter.

It makes an incredible difference for me to have clear space.  And in case you’re wondering, the bedroom dresser has been staying under control as well. Both the countertop and the dresser do not stay perfectly clear at all times. But what I’ve done with the kitchen counter helps keep things under control. I have files set up to put things in till I can get them to a permanent “home” or just to keep organized. The black note holder holds the files and other “to-do” items. My Home Management Binder is next to it and the 3 drawer container has space on top for glasses, keys, and a pencil sharpener. The 3 drawers are labeled for specific use.

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