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This is  an awesome way to get a few or more servings of your fruits and vegies into your body without much prep work. Personally, I don’t like to do much work in preparing fresh fruit but I love to get my fruit via the “way of the smoothie”. I’ve been drinking this lately with black raspberries in place of the strawberries.



I just love this smoothie! Its so healthy and simple to make. I don’t have a big blender but I have a Bella Cucina Rocket Blender that is like the Magic Bullet you see on those infomercials. Since I’m the only one in my home that appreciates smoothies this single serve Rocket Blender
is just fine. But it not only makes smoothies- I can make other things with it if I want. I just use it mainly for smoothies right now.  I’ve had my blender for maybe 3 yrs now.

If you’ve seen my recipe category you may recall that I’m a big believer in just winging-it when it comes to experimenting and measuring. So, you won’t find a lot of exact measurements. AND if you freeze some of your ingredients to keep them fresh and available you won’t need to add ice.



Make to taste, here’s my basic guide to my favorite homemade smoothie:

~A handful of whole cranberries that are in season now. I’m buying mine now while they are in season and throwing them in the freezer!

~About 3-4 medium to large frozen strawberries. I usually buy mine fresh and freeze.

~One whole banana.

~As much orange juice as you need to make it as smooth as you like. I like to drink mine with a straw so I need it to actually  move up the straw  🙂

Blend Away!

I love this because I know its really good for me and I’m sucking down a  lot of  fruit easily with little fuss involved in preparing it.

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