Off-grid pantry planner

Why have I been living in the dark on this one?

Well, not now. Being on Facebook has spearheaded my interest! I found 3 good or downright great deals today for my area. I bought gift certificates for Once Upon a Child (2/$25 certif. for $25 plus handling) and then one for Lil Caesar’s and Grand Slam (aprx $20/25 values for about $11 each plus handling). Our family is a big fan of second hand clothes and $5 Lil Caesar Pizza’s!

If you live in NE Ohio you should be aware of these sites.

  • iShopStark
  • As always, Groupon is another great site to get emails on as they feature local deals too. Groupon will even pay you credit to use on Groupon when you share your affiliate link with friends who purchase Groupons for themselves. AND- you don’t have to be local to take advantage of the online deals that are not limited by local boundaries! Always read the fine print though.

Can you share any others great sites that Hall of Fame Mom readers should know about? Leave a comment here if you know of something.

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