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This is my Sunday Morning Review which is basically a short summary or a few points from today’s main church message by Pastor Tom.  Click here to read why I’m doing this SMR or Sunday Morning Review and what else you might want to know.

So, Knowing Your Enemy- Part 2.

Wow.  The passage covered was Ephesians 6:11-12 (but of course there is a lot of comparative scripture in it too) – more details on our “real” enemy. Remember, people are not our real enemies. The real problems with our problems lie in what we can’t see. The real battle going on in our lives and in our world at-large  is in the unseen world. Its the power that motivates the actions/ activities we see.

For sure we, ourselves, are a part of our own problems and other people can cause us grief but the motivation behind our beliefs, decisions, and actions is motivated in the spiritual realm. Today Pastor Tom talked in depth about what we need to know about Satan:  his tactics, his traits, and his titles (he has many names and they all mean something). You really need to download the free study sheet and add some notes as you listen to Pastor Tom tell you what the names mean (the names, but not the meanings are already on the study sheet).

In addition, I thought the part on “Spiritual wickedness in high places” was very informative. He shares a list of 25 places in our world that are considered “high places” for spiritual wickedness…and you won’t find bars, porn sites or abortion clinics in this list- though the devil is at work in all of those.

This is a “must-hear” message. You really need to know who you’re enemy is so you can see better just how he is at work in your life. His goal is to keep you away from knowing God and from growing in your relationship with God- if you are saved.

Click here to go to the list of free mp3’s of our church messages and scroll down to today’s date 12/12/10, message title: Knowing your enemy Part 2. You’ll find the study sheet download link there as well. Its all free!

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