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We have it figured out- I’ll proudly say.  This year has to have been the easiest year we’ve ever had putting up and decorating our Christmas tree!

About 3 yrs ago our “then-tree” broke AFTER it was up (you know, assembled branch by branch) and decorated.  And  I was NOT starting over so I hammered a nail into the wall, found some telephone cord and tied the tree to the wall to keep it upright.

{Oh yes, I did. I think the nail is still in the wall too.}

About 2 yrs ago we broke down then and bought a new faux-tree, this one had those pre-lit lights on it. Its a tall narrow tree and actually fits nicely in our living room. So the pre-lit lights didn’t all hold up very long and we ended up stringing some more on there and they stay on the tree now.

After Christmas last year we took the tree down to the basement and left in one piece. I put a clean garbage bag over the top to at least keep it somewhat protected from dust. That room is a finished room so we didn’t have much to worry about. I think I actually left the garland on too come to think of it.

Joel brought the tree up this year- in one piece, set in the corner and declared his part was done.  I must have left the hooks on the majority of the ornaments because we let the boys decorate the tree and they were getting the job done pretty much on their own.

Let’s recap!

  • leave fake tree in one piece in storage after Christmas
  • be sure to leave lights and garland wrapped around it as well
  • cover tree at least partly
  • leave all hooks secured to ornaments and store in a box

And there you have it.  So, you can imagine how our tree is coming down after Christmas, right?


Well, we will take off the ornaments and thats about it 😉