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Have you or anyone you know ever donated your old or broken down vehicle to a charity?

Have you or anyone you know just junked your vehicle for nothing in return (except to be rid of the “old headache”)?

Years ago while living in Lynchburg, VA, in my single years,  I had a vehicle that died on me. At least thats how I viewed it. It was during or soon after a hard cold winter.  I chucked it for $75 (yes, they did pay me- I didn’t have to pay them). And they came and hauled it away. Actually, I think the guy might have been able to get it started before he left with it {which doesn’t make me feel very good thinking about it}. I can’t recall exactly, but knowing my usual financial-state, part of my decision to sell it to a junker could have been related to  the cost of repairs I might have been anticipating. And I lived in a college town-house area with limited parking so I couldn’t just leave it occupying a parking space or park it in my back yard. Wait, did I even have one?

Anyways, you probably know that there are charities out  there who will gladly take your old or broken down vehicle off your hands and fix it up or sell it to help the less fortunate. Besides the fact that you’re helping others by donating your old car,  you’ll be doing the neighborhood a favor by not decorating your yard with that rusty, rotting  (but lovable, I know) heap of metal, chrome and  plastic.

If you find yourself in bind with a broken down vehicle that is likely to sit and rust away in the yard or that is nickle-and-diming you into a hole of debt, consider the option to donate car to charity.  You can even donate a good used car that you just don’t want anymore and can afford to donate. Cars to help kids would love to take it off your hands! They will come and pick it up at no charge to you and its tax deductible.

Yes, they do want not only your unwanted vehicles, but your broken-down vehicles.

They will sell your “good for nothing” for the highest possible price and put that money to back into communities to help children. Cars for kids! Cars to help kids is accepting cars from all 50 states!

Click here to  learn more about how to donate your car to Cars To Help Kids and see how by doing so you are helping needy children. And if you aren’t ready to chuck  your old car now you might want to bookmark their website so you can refer to it later.