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I probably don’t have to tell you some bad weather has been blowing through parts of the USA this week.

Snow, sleet, who knows what else. Weird thing is, its melting right now.  Its dripping  outside in front of my window and I have a wet spot on my ceiling to prove it ;(

Not sure how that stuff is getting under our pretty new professional rubber roof. But it is.

Our roofer company came out to check it out for us. I’ve told you about them before and I do recommend them (The Roof Doctor)… what I don’t recommend is putting a slightly slanted roof over any part of your house.

Seriously. Do not put a slightly (as in almost flat) slanted roof on your house. Anywhere. If you can help it.

We’ve lived here for almost 9 yrs and didn’t have problems (to our knowledge) for about 5 yrs and now it seems we have a problem every winter. {Btw, the slanted roof was here when we moved in ;)}

This roof has been “fixed” twice- once by family and second by insurance and a professional company with rubber roofing material.

The second hit – freezing rain- I heard should be coming a little later today, I think thats what the radio guy just said.

To be honest I was really appreciating “winter” back in December. When it was new.

I loved having snow on the ground pretty much every. single. day. I really did. Felt like the good old days of winter. The kind I think I might remember as a kid.

But in January I was flat out tired of being so cold. Even in the house. Sometimes I park myself right in front of a space heater to get the chill off.

But these days will be over soon and before I know it will be but a memory as I start sweating the summer heat tempted to turn on that a/c.

Winter is beautiful, for sure. And I look forward to changing seasons.

Yes, I do.

Bring on the spring! lol

Click on the pictures below for highlights from  our “spring” 2010.