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I’ll admit that mom’s need to have some time to themselves. I do anyways.   I know it can sound like a selfish thing to say,...or not.  And easier to say than to actually see happen at times. I know personally, I’m rarely without my kids.

I homeschool them,  so they are home with me.

I work from home, so I am home with them.

Usually they are with me at the grocery store. About the only times I don’t have them with me is if I have a doctor’s appointment that they can’t go along on or if I go to the store in the evening with my husband is home.

God and Friends.

A couple things that help me get through my days would be: spending time alone with God in His Word in the morning before the kids are up and having the ability to carry on relationships with online or in-real-life friends, online.

To be honest, the phone is not my “friend”- accept in times of need or want. Having kids has made being on the phone a real nuissance. If you’re a mom, you probably know what I mean. ‘Nuf said, right?

Being Creative.

I also thoroughly enjoy being creative. Its very therapeutic, but it can also be a chore when you have to drag everything out and then pack it all away when you’re done. My scrapbooking hobby has been put on hold while I blog, but has also been temporarily converted into making lapbooks for homeschooling.  A new creative outlet! Incidentally, my two boys are very crafty too.

Seizing Opportunities.

When I’ve had a rough day and my husband gets home from work, he’s okay with me leaving the house if I want. Thats when grocery shopping is something to enjoy. I appreciate the alone time to shop in peace and be alone with my thoughts. lol

I foresee a couple other “me time” opportunities coming soon. For one, I have a gym membership which I’ve been  neglecting very much during the winter but plan to use more of now. And two,  once I have a laptop I will be able to take my bloggy work to Free WiFi areas outside my home for a change of scenery. {Do you have any tips on that?}

Those may not be incredibly attractive ways to spend “me” time- but its what works for me during this season of my life. Its the little things that give me that time of refreshment I need.

I guess I could sum up the whole experience of living the crazy-busy life I have right now (paired with the frequent pursuit of  temporary escape) in the following verse…

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Philippians 4:13   🙂

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