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I recently had the opportunity to host a ” blogger’s”  Nutella House Party. To my recall I have never tasted Nutella, but I had heard good things about it and wanted to try it. I was thrilled when I got accepted and made myself wait till the day of the party to try it for myself.

Nutella was a hit! I don’t know if there was one mom or child who tried it who didn’t like it. In fact, I think the first words out of my friend Tami’s mouth was “I love it!”

One of the interesting things I found about Nutella was how polar opposite people’s opinions of it can be. Before my kit arrived I polled my Facebook friends about their thoughts on it and I got answers from its “gross” to its “addictive”.

This week I made cupcakes (boxed mix) and used Nutella on them and I really like the taste of Nutella over regular chocolate fudge frosting. I also can’t help but think its a healthier option.  I found a slew of Nutella recipes here at this link and was semi-planning to make these Nutella cream puffs but ran out of time.

I was impressed with the information I learned about Nutella and view it as an alternative to peanut butter. Or- it could be a great compliment to peanut butter.  Another friend, Maggie, suggested eating something like a warm piece of toast with both peanut butter and Nutella spread on it 😉

Nutella Facts:

  • Nutella is a hazelnut spread with skim milk and cocoa (and a few other ingredients).
  • The 26.5oz jar is made with over 100 hazelnuts per jar/ the 13 oz. jar is made with more than 50.
  • Nutella contains no artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Nutella does not contain peanuts or peanut ingredients and does not come in contact with peanuts during manufacturing.
  • Nutella doesn’t contain any ingredients derived from gluten containing cereal; wheat, barley rye, oats, or triticale
  • Nutella is Kosher.

Visit for more information.

*I was not compensated to host this party and the party kit was provided free of charge to facilitate the party by Nutella via Mom Select.