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Update: This post was originally created February 16, 2011 but was lost after a major server & back up file failure. I have recreated it because the information is so good!


God tells us in the bible, Genesis chapter 6, that the wickedness of mankind was so bad that He was going to judge the world with a flood.  God told Noah to build an ark- according to His specifications and that would include housing seven of every clean animal and two of every unclean animal (Gen. 7:2) and of  bird type animals he was commanded to take by sevens also.

Noah spent a long time, perhaps 100 or more years building this ark. {Yes, men lived a lot longer back then- the oldest recorded at 969 years was Methuselah, Noah’s grandpa}.  During this time Noah preached about God’s coming judgement, the flood, but not one person outside of Noah’s family would believe.

Imagine the names they must have called him and how they must have publically ridiculed him for so many years! Talk about patience and a firm trust in God!

Then the day came to enter the ark. Genesis 7:16  says God, Himself shut the door of the ark. And now no one else would be able to enter. The rains came, the floods rose up. I bet some of those who scoffed were now “believer’s” pounding on the outside of the ark begging to be let in.

But it was too late for them.

I’ve never been to the Creation Museum, just several hours south of us here in Ohio. One day I want to go. And if I could only go once, I would want it to be after they get done building the replica Noah’s Ark they are working on. They have big plans to expand the park. The reason I’m writing this post is because I read about the Noah’s Ark project in the  Jan/Feb 2011 HomeSchool Enrichment Magazine. I am SO looking forward to this exhibit!

Not only are they planning a replica Noah’s Ark that I believe visitors can walk on but they are also planning to build a replica Tower of  Babel and some other special experiences from biblical history from before the Flood through Abraham and Moses to the New Testament.

The article shares much more. But I wanted to talk about this Ark replica itself. The plans are for it to be built according to God’s specifications laid out to Noah in Genesis. This project is called the Ark Encounter. It is scheduled to open the spring of 2014 and I can only wish it would be sooner! The Ark Encounter park will be about 40 minutes away from the Creation Museum on 800+ acres near Williamstown, Kentucky. Learn more at

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