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As many of you know I homeschool my first-grade and preschool aged sons.  Late last fall I became very aware of the Little Explorer’s Lab (free) classes being held monthly (or almost monthly) at the Perry-Sippo Library in Stark County, also know as Exploration Gateway. This branch of the Stark County libraries is set near a lake and walking trail in Perry Township between Canton and Massillon.

And its wonderful! By the way, you don’t have to be a homeschooler to attend. In fact, the labs are really for prek and kindergarten aged kids, but its a nice supplement to my method of homeschooling.

In addition to the programs they offer (for all ages!),  the outdoors setting and the fabulous building- oh yeah, and the super-nice library- equipped with fireplace AND wonderful huge windows to view the great outdoors…they have  a  little shop and the Congressman Ralph Regula Canalway Center (like a mini museum/education/fun area) featuring historical landmarks of our area in Stark County- and a few other things.

The Center is FREE now to adults and children (adult previously paid $1) and you’ll find 11 interactive displays. Several of the displays will allow your children (if enrolled in the program mentioned below) to earn points.

Kids can enroll in the Canalway Explorer Program to earn points to rise through 10 levels while earning prizes along the way.  My own boys have moved up from level 1 to level 2 to earn free ice cream from Taggart’s as well as their new cards.

Your child will earn a new Explorer card for each level he/she reaches.  The card will have their special number on it so they can check their points, submit journal entries, sign up for public programs and more. You earn more points by doing suggested activities. For more info you can call Stark Parks at 330-409-8096.

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