Off-grid pantry planner

I thought I could share a great lesson in a clear manner just from this little shopping trip.  Those few things in that picture rang up to a little over $19 today at Giant Eagle. That was before my “Giant Eagle Advantage Card” (free to sign up for) was scanned and before any coupons.

After my card was scanned and the coupons came off- the total was less than $6.

The Baileys (non-alcoholic) Coffee Creamer was $1.50 each and there were those $1 off coupons that pop out of a little machine right there so I took 3 of them.  I paid .50 cents  for each bottle.

The cat food was FREE (I had coupons for a Free carton up to $3 off). Otherwise is was something like $2.69 each.

The yogurt was on sale for $2 each and I had a .75 coupon that doubled to $1.50 off. I paid $2.50 for the both of them.

The bananas were over 50 cents a pound (not a good price).

This is why it is SO worth getting whatever free shopper’s advantage card your favorite store offers. This is so you can get the lowest prices they offer. THEN, use coupons!

I saved approximately $13-14 on this little trip. That kind of money will add up really quick. Just think of where you could use that extra money 😉 .

Are you throwing your money away at the grocery store?