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Okay, I was going to call this post “How to reset/ reboot your Linksys Wireless Router for Dummies” but we’re not dummies…just shall we say, “technically challenged”? …   Yeah, thats better.

Today I lost my wi-fi on my netbook. Here. At home. I didn’t know what was wrong- and in a calm sort of way, I guess I was sort of freaking out. Its one of those things where I felt like I had to fix it before I was willing to could do anything else.

So I began the process of  elimination.

  • I searched my Netbook for answers and discovered lots of links and info I wouldn’t have known existed before.
  • I checked my wireless connections…there were several showing up, but not mine. How could I be closer to those other connections and not the one in my own house?!
  • I looked online for help.
  • Along the way, I prayed. I do that in just about any situation.
  • I shut down my computer and turned it back on and it worked for a little while but eventually went out for good.
  • I probably shut off and turned back on the machine a few more times.
  • I removed my anti-virus program I had just added yesterday. That wasn’t the problem.
  • I did a recovery to set my computer back to yesterday before my Windows updates and everything else. That wasn’t the problem.
  • I got back online and looked for more help. I found an article that looked “official”. But the directions included about 8 steps, including a short video that, in my opinion, contracted the previous 8 steps and then a long list of tips and who knows what else.

This was way over my “technically challenged” abilities. And the post got me scared.

I decided to do 2 things- and it worked!

  1. I unplugged the cord from the back of the Router box marked “Power” and left it like that for about 20 seconds…
  2. I then plugged it back into the Router Box.

And I had wi-fi back to the Netbook!
It probably took me an hour or hours of trying this and that to realize the fix was only 2 simple steps and about 20 seconds of time.

Apparently this kind of need to reboot/ reset happens a lot and isn’t all that uncommon- thats what I gather after my online searching.

And thats how a girl like me reset her router 😉 .  The end.


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