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Great weather is breaking again and I do hope its here to stay. Its mid-April but things are warming up and looking green. This is the time to take the kids out to the parks for fresh air and exercise. I want to share some of my family’s favorite parks with you.

Stadium Park (Canton, Ohio)
Stadium Park, walking distance from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, offers a very nice Children’s Garden area featuring various plants, a stream, bells, and more. This is a great place to take pictures too- wedding, family, etc.. There is a building at this section with an upstairs shop and a bathroom on the ground level. You access both of these by the side door of the building. This is the bathroom we’ve used when we’ve visited.

You’ll find a small playground, small bridges, walking trail, bike trail, bathrooms, game area (shuffle board I think?) a creek on one side and a larger, longer lake in the middle. Train tracks that are still in use today. You can hike in the woods nearby. There are places to picnic. Watch out for the ducks and Canadian Geese 😉

*We do walk to this park, play, picnic, and enjoy.  However, this is not a park I would recommend walking or jogging through near dusk or dark.  Just sayin’.

*See a list of Canton City’s Parks.

Jackson Township Park (Massillon, Ohio)
Occasionally my husband and I take the boys to the Jackson Township Park.   It has a great playground, walking trail, grassy areas, ball fields, a small picturesque lake and boardwalk area…just a really nice park. Its very wide and open and I love how noticeable the blue sky is when we visit.  This is a great park- period!

*Visit the Jackson Township Parks website for information on programs and more.

Stark Parks
I’ve talked about how our family enjoys the Perry-Sippo Library located in Stark Parks. Our boys learn in the Little Explorers classes and as a family we’ve walked the trail collecting nature along the way.

*Learn more about Stark Parks here.