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Finally! My oldest has lost a tooth that he has not … lost!

Every tooth he has lost so far has been lost before we realized it was missing from his mouth. Today, that one front top tooth thats been hanging on finally came out and he brought it to me. He didn’t wait long to ask me for some money for it  either.

Since the only proof we’ve had in the past of him losing teeth were the holes in his mouth (can’t argue with that kind of proof, right?) my husband and I have made kind of a big deal about wanting to see this tooth. I even offered him a dollar the other day to make it come out sooner.

So today I offered him that dollar bill (possibly 50 cents more than I normally would give). He requested some coin money too-  I threw in 27 cents more.

To finally see a missing tooth is worth $1.27, don’t you think?