Off-grid pantry planner

The door bell rang today and I found a box with two packages of the NEW Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Cookies!

I’m a Brand Ambassador of sorts since I’m in the Kraft Delicious Byte Blogger program. Though I don’t get paid cash for this sort of thing I do get fun opportunities to try new products and give away great things to you!

These new cookies by Chips Ahoy are microwavable (but you don’t have to do that). If you want the inside to be gooey, put them in the microwave for about 8 seconds. I think I prefer them warm and gooey.  Imagine the possibilities here 😉


*I received my free samples of Chips Ahoy as part of the Kraft Delicious Byte blogger program.


By the way- in case you’re a blogger wanting to know how to break into the “brand ambassador business” here’s my advice (its how I got into the Kraft Delicious Byte program).  Ready?

Just email and ask if you can join. (Them, not me 😉

Sometimes you just have to knock on those doors after you find which ones do exist. You might have to wait and you might get turned down- but sometimes you get through!