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Summer is {almost} officially here- but so far this week it feels like it IS here now. I’m talking 85 degrees in the house- and after such a wet, rainy, rainy

… did I mention RAINY spring.

We’re  officially still in May and we’ve gone from wet and rainy to HOT.

As a member of Team Mom my boys and I received a wonderful surprise recently.

I was expecting to review a small Bird Watching kit from Backyard Safari Outfitters – instead I received much more and no Bird Watching kit – lol.

But thats okay. My 5 yr old was squealing with delight as I opened the large box that was delivered to our door.

We were sent the following Backyard Safari outdoor toys to review:

Base Camp Shelter with mini Lantern  (ARV $39.99)  Stands over 40″ tall and has pockets inside. You can use outdoor or indoors –like we are at the moment.

Field Camouflage Netting (ARV $14.99) Hang the netting over the front of your shelter or wear it as a covering while you’re bird-watching and more. Its 5’x8′ – lightweight and portable.

Bug Vacuum With Lazer Light
(ARV $19.99)  Sweep up a bug and examine it through the magnifying glass inside the vacuum.  EXCEPT: The one we got to review doesn’t have the light like you’ll see at the link I provided above. I’m not sure why.

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest
(ARV $19.99) Attach your gadgets to your vest and attach all your neat patches you get with the various kits.

Expedition 2 – Hiking Stick
(ARV $14.99) Nice sturdy walking stick with a hand-carved look.

I think Backyard Safari toys would be great for the backyard, going camping, or just hiking at the park.

All of the Backyard Safari products come with a Pop-up Field Guide that includes a special mission. They now have a New “patch program” where the kids can complete an adventure and receive a cool patch to add to their vest.

Backyard Safari Outfitter toys are sold at Walmart, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, and Target. Some of the links I share in this review are my affiliate links to  If you click through my affiliate links to make a purchase I will make a little money as well.



Picture Below: You can see  that several small children could sit in this shelter.

The only negatives…

  • I  think the directions for putting up the Base Camp probably could have been more clear.  I looked at them and decided it was “my husband’s” job to figure it out. He had trouble understanding it too and mentioned it to me.
  • The other thing was about the Lazer Light  Bug Wrangler/ Vacuum – I had trouble actually sucking up a bug with it. It doesn’t seem very powerful. AND- the product they sent me didn’t exactly match any of the info they sent me OR that I could find online ;(  .  Not sure what happened there.

However, I am a FANof the Backyard Safari Outfitters brand! We already own one of the Bug Habitats and the Critter Shack.

There are other Backyard Safari Outfitters products you can purchase as well. Be sure to visit Backyard Safari Outfitters website to see all products and get more information!

*I received these five Backyard Safari Outfitters’ products for free for review as a member of Team Mom.