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Total Yum!

We tried the Breyer’s Mrs. Field’s Mint Fudge Brownie  Ice Cream with the Chips Ahoy  American Summer cookies. Talk about a delicious ice cream sandwich! – these were better than the regular kind I grew up with. You’ve got to try it! {I ate 3 – but,  they’re small you know 😉 }.

I loved the taste that this combo made- my youngest preferred his ice cream and cookies separate.

My oldest son and I ate these at the time I made them when the cookies where crunchy. I also  made a couple to stick in the freezer. The cookie itself did get soft as they sat in the freezer. The texture reminded me of the orginial kind of ice cream sandwiches we grew up with. Still yummy.

So I’m thinking these would make a special treat for the family or just the kids since you can put any flavor of ice cream you want between them. I’ve loved Chips Ahoy cookies anyways (long before I became a blogger). I ‘ll take them with milk or ice cream or nothing! They’re just so good 😉

* I received free cookies and ice cream to review as a Kraft Delicious Byte Blogger.