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Another great snack invention, well, the cheese is no new invention, but check out the Sargento Fridge Packs!

The Fridge Packs fit right on your fridge shelf or in the door. I’ve tried both places for mine and they work.


I love the convenience of pulling out a stick of cheese and having a snack when I want one most.

Each Fridge Pack has 18 sticks of cheese...

Sargento Light String Cheese- Natural Reduced Fat Low Moisture Mozzarella (50 calories per stick).

Sargento Natural Colby-Jack  (80 calories per stick).

Sargento Natural Mild Cheddar (90 calories per stick).

Only the Light String Cheese is “string”.   All 3 are 100% Natural and never processed!  The suggested retail pricing is $6.99 per 18 pack.

This is definitely a great option for me because I am so busy. One of my nemesis to healthy snacking is having to prepare. I know that sounds bad but I believe its true. All I have to do with the Sargento Fridge Packs is pick up a stick and open it up.  The individual packages are made to open easily too.

If your kids love cheese and this summer is busy for you- the Sargento Fridge Packs could be a help to you since the kids can just open the fridge and grab a Natural Cheese snack when they need one.

  • Also worthy of noting is that there are 50 cent coupons on each of the boxes I received. All I have to do is cut them out and I think they will double at my local Giant Eagle 😉

Would having a prepared healthy snack thats easy to access help you eat more healthy?

* Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Sargento and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.